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Gracefully Speaks: Article

3 Unique Ideas to gain extra income for your event

Posted on: Jun 16, 2021

Making sure you don’t go in the red is very important when it comes to events. You want to bring the best speakers and want to pay what they are worth, but you also don’t want to hurt yourself. Here are three ways to gain extra income during your events.

  1.  Have Vendors: Vendors are a great opportunity to gain extra income during your event. These vendors will also be advertising for you, as they will want people to come and shop their items. Make sure the vendors are all different. You don’t want repeat typed vendors, as that may make your vendors upset. Some types of vendors to include could be soaps and lotions, home decor, vinyl stickers, clothing boutique, jams and jellies, and of course some food options. When we had our first event and took a survey at the end of the event, the most requested vendor for the next year was more food booths. Get vendors with different price ranges, as some people will want to spend $100 on an item, but some just want something small. As an event organizer you can have as many vendors as you want. We also suggest you as the event organizer come up with a booth too.
  2. Sell Event Items: Just like I said in number 1, have your own booth. Sell items such as t-shirts, stickers, and more that have branding from the event. You can also set up a website to sell these items previous to your event. There are people that would love to wear the event t-shirt to the event, so having this option with shipping or local pick up makes them want to purchase it even more. You could also sell other items as well, such as devotionals, bracelets, hats, etc., that your ideal ticket holder will want. With items left over you can use these for door prizes at the end of the event. Who doesn’t like winning, and who likes to be stuck with inventory!

Sell Live Broadcast Tickets: Make sure your venue can live stream your event and sell tickets to people unable to come, whether that be because of distance or different reasons. Make these less expensive than your regular tickets. If your event is just online, think of different price ranges for your event. For example, offer bonus sessions for customers that pay more, maybe a live Zoom with one of your speakers.